Workforce Development

Parallel to the delivery of education training programs, ANTS specialises in providing Workforce Development and Workforce Planning solutions, through the conduct of Skills Auditing and Training Needs Analysis. ANTS places an emphasis workforce development solutions aligned with and tailored for the Community Services, Health and Business industries, but equally can provide solutions for all sectors. We can also act to broker any required training services on your behalf from a selection of nationally accredited training providers.

Skills Auditing and Training Needs Analysis

A key piece of information your organisation needs to know, is what skills and knowledge you possess organisationally and what training solutions you may require to bridge any gaps. If your work force needs professional development opportunities, if you need to identify training needs to align with changes in industry, if you need to up skill or re-skill existing staff, then we would like the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of conducting specialised workforce planning and development.

Let us give you:

  • an understanding of the skills required and gaps the organisation currently has,
  • a targeted analysis of development needs,
  • an idea of how to better target and spend a training budget
  • a listing of people who need development,
  • data that can be used for purposes such as internal selection
  • information that can be used for business planning and business growth
  • information that determines whether your workforce has the skills to meet organisational goals.