RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) – Upgrade Your Qualifications

Recognition of Prior Learning means a process that assesses an individual’s formal, non-formal and informal learning. It allows us to determine the extent to which that individual has achieved the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes toward gaining a VET qualification. It means you can supply us with evidence, we can assess it and potentially award you with a full or partial qualification based on that evidence and your experience.

Are you already experienced or employed as an AIN an Enrolled or Registered Nurse or a Care Worker?

Do you have older superseded qualifications like the Certificate III or IV in Aged Care or Disability, which now needs updating?

Do you want to upgrade in an affordably without the time spent doing the whole qualification?

Let our Gap training/RPL process assist you (Discounts available for groups applying e.g. your workmates).

ExistsingAINRPL is particularly applicable for people that are already working in the community services industry and require certification, want to upgrade their skills or want to formalise years of experience. If you are already employed or experienced in the industry, then supplying supporting documentation may be all you need to gain your qualification.

The RPL process is also significantly cheaper than studying for a full qualification. We charge a non-refundable administration fee to assess your application and then if successful, you will only pay 50% of the normal cost for each unit awarded.

So if you have not yet obtained your Qualification in Aged Care, Disability or Home and Community Care, take advantage of the RPL process and call our office staff for full details.

Our staff will provide you with detailed information on the RPL process including a copy of the RPL Candidate Guide (NSW Department of Education) linked below. We would encourage you initially to visit the link and read the guide, as it will answer many of your questions about what RPL is and the steps involved.

RPL Candidate Guide (NSW State Training Services)

If you decide RPL is the path you would like to take, then we can enrol you, provide you with an RPL Kit and instructions and start the process.

Small AntAnother innovative way ANTS try to upgrade the care given to our elderly and disabled community.

Why not tell your workmates about this?