Basic Course Information

We were the first A.I.N course and have been successfully training and assisting with employment (98% success rate) for 23 years. Facilities have lots of positions available.

As a Nurse/carer/disability worker you have little chance of ever being out of a job, and a great and rewarding job it is!

Our course is fun, stress free and has no exams.

You can be awarded with 3 Certificates:

1. Certificate of Competency, competency assessment is used and students are marked as either competent or not yet competent. If not yet competent, we will help you, free of further charge for as long as needed, until you are competent. This rarely happens due to our innovative practical (not classroom) style training. 
This is a non accredited certificate enabling us to give you more personal practical tuition, and cope on the wards. You then do some extra modules to gain your accredited second certificate. The cost is $905. Payments as previously discussed.

2. Certificate III in Disability with our RTO partner. The Course code is CHC30408. The cost for Certificate III is $500.00(The cost for your theory work is payable at a later stage, not on your first day)

3. Certificate III in Aged Care, with our RTO partner. The Course code is CHC30212. The cost for Certificate III is $500.00 (The cost for your theory work is payable at a later stage, not on your first day)

We look forward to meeting you and starting you off on your new chosen profession of nursing.


Due to the first part of the course, you can prove your skills and may be eligible for paid shifts in free time, whilst undertaking studies. (Subject to CRICOS approval)

Our new agency can employ you for allowed hours as a carer after completion of first part of training.

Some immigrants may be able to do this course. For example those on a spousal or bridging visa. Student VISA holders are NOT able to complete this training (ie; second course) without an application and approval from our RTO partner and a CRICOS provider. All such applications need to go through this process and will incurr, an extra cost of $300. There are strict laws governing hours studying even though it may be done over weekends and in your holidays. Every individual case is advised and asked to seek immigration clarification re their ability to attend the course and stipulate hours and times.

Please note; There are strict immigration laws in place and even though we understand your need to do a short course to gain employment support your family, we can not bend the rules and please do not ask!

You may be able to do this short course while on holidays and on weekends without interfereing with current studies. This enables you to gain employment while at say University and assist with paying your fees.Permission must be granted and proof sighted prior to your application for training being accepted. Each case is individual so seek help from your immigration officer.

All students must undertake a criminal record check from both Australia and their country of origin.

No person with a criminal record will be accepted into this training as per Nursing statutes and laws.

It is a responsibility of an applicant to divulge any such record so advice can be given regarding their situation, and time not wasted for either the student or the company.

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