Course Prerequisites

Australian Residents
At Australian Nursing and Training Services (A.N. & T.S.) we give everyone an equal chance.

There are no prerequisites for the competency certificates, other than the ability to read, write and speak English and a genuine desire to help their patients. This gives students that do not usually have a chance due to poor school levels or not gaining the HSC a way into the profession and a path to the top without the usual grades needed.

We think it’s more inportant to prove competency in all aspects of Assistant in Nursing (AIN), thus the competency assesments we ensure are achieved.

We enroll males and females from 16 years of age to 65 years of age. Exceptions upon application/interview.

As an Australian resident the Certificate III in aged care qualification can be issued once PRL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and work experience components have been undertaken.

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