Assistant In Nursing

Students receive practical tuition to gain Certificate of Competency in Assistant in Nursing (AIN). We also issue you with a two page evaluation print out of all the subjects, units and skills mastered. (This is quite a large amount, which impresses prospective employers).

Students are proficient in such areas as showering, sponging, toileting, pressure area care, feeding, manual handling (including use of lifting aids) and infection control. This is not all your job entails but it is an important part that needs to be taught first. You will also do things like accompany residents and patients on bus trips, sing and play with them, walk them in gardens, hold their hand when sick or upset, counsel them and their families and much more.

Being taught hands-on enables our students to be able to show their skills at work experience, as well as practice them and learn a lot.

You may note that other AIN training courses do not allow students to lift. We encourage lifting so that when you are taught to do this properly, you are not only competent but also can show that you can do it too! We spend a lot of money on insurance to ensure you can lift, not just watch like most other courses!

The end result we hope will be:

  • That our students are seen to be able to cope well with this type of work.
  • Hopefully you will be offered casual shifts to give you a chance to get your foot in the door of the most worthy of professions, Nursing!
  • The raising of standards of nursing across the board through the provision of such personal ‘hands on’ training to students. Together we are doing our part.
  • We are available for free advice and counseling to our Graduates for years to come. For example:
  • When they have a work related problem and need confidential
guidance, especially if not a member of NSW Nurses Association
(union). We highly suggest joining the association and provide all graduates with referral form
  • Move to another area and want us to use our contacts to track down
work in the new area.
  • Advice and references for institutions of higher education eg., R/N
or E/N applications.
  • Sometimes they just need a friend.
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