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Australian Nursing and Training Services (ANTS) have a strong commitment to providing quality training for those wanting to enter or progress in the Aged Care, Disability, Home and Community Care, Leisure and Health or Health Services sectors. ANTS have been training students since 1990 and have developed a strong reputation within the industry. Our trainers are constantly upgrading their qualifications for currency and attending professional development to ensure that they can provide the most up to date training available to our students. If you are interested in starting a career, or furthering your existing one, please read through the information on the site and contact us with any questions. You will not be disappointed.


Image_1Aust’s 1st proper AIN Course

Established in 1990, ANTS was the first to offer Assistant in Nursing training (AIN) in Australia. We specialise in providing training that will give you the skills and expertise to be able to gain employment in the health care sector as an AIN or Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

Image_2Practical Training in REAL Situations

Our training is completed via practical tuition. It is delivered in accredited residential care facilities with real people. Students will receive hands on, one on one practical training. The high degree of practical knowledge you gain makes the theory easier to understand. Classes are held in our simulated clinical rooms and in residential care facilities, tying in the practical with the theory and assessment. An Independent Learning Environment is also involved and this blended type of delivery caters for each student as an individual.

Image_3Smart and Skilled Funding !

Australian Nursing and Training Services are approved by NSW Government to offer Smart and Skilled funding. Approved providers need to meet and maintain stringent criteria to deliver training programs under Smart and Skilled.

You will be eligible if?

You are:

  • 15 years old or over?
  • No longer at school?
  • Living or working in NSW?
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen?
  • If you answered ‘Yes’to all four questions, then you’re eligible to enrol in a government-subsidised course with an approved Smart and Skilled training provider like Australian Nursing and Training Services.


Our Courses

Client Testimonials

"I had a good time and learnt lots of new things I liked learning to take blood pressures" - from Stephen.

"I really enjoyed the environment and learnt a lot about medications and how to benefit the elderly people" - from Mella

"The trainers taught us the theory as well as going through all the practical aspects with us" - from Julie

I did the Certificate III training many years ago as I needed work.Sister Jones encouraged me all the way up the career ladder and I am now a Registered Nurse in one of the busiest hospitals in the country.In my opinion their unique hands on style training is the main reason they are the most popular. I thank Sister Jones from the bottom of my heart.

Radikha Sharma

Dear Tracey and the rest of the staff,  I am presently working as a registered nurse at a Level 6 Emergency Department here in NSW and I am now a Resuscitation area nurse.I am writing to thank you again for helping me start with my nursing career 🙂 Now I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse and my career all started from my training as an assistant nurse at ANTS. THANK YOU TRACEY for all the advice and encouragement.

Ofie McBride

Thank you for your professionalism and comprehensive course content. Our staff member stated that he feels ready to fulfil his duties which is more than I can say for other workers I have put through previous first aid courses. I hope to deal with Australian Nursing and Training Services again in the future for all our training courses.

Scott Montgommery - Jaybro Civil and Safety Products

I recently immigrated to Australia from Thailand and did not think that I could get a job here.  I completed the course and while  English is not my native language I passed and was immediately given work as an AIN. Thank you ANTS for helping me to get a career.

Aungkana Lenton

Thanks to the course, I gained invaluable experience and work a variety of shifts, most of which are in the Special Care Unit which I really enjoy. I completed my work experience and was immediately employed!

Heather Bourke

Tracey, thanks for the course which gave me an employment outcome very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed the training.

Kathy McTaggart

I would just like to say that attending the AIN course was the best decision that I have made in my life so far. I know now that I am guaranteed work wherever I go. I will be going to Uni next year to become an RN. Wish me luck!I wish to say how grateful I am to you for providing such a wonderful course. Your enthusiasm was contagious and again I wish to thank you.

Claire Goody