Work Experience at a Residential Care facility

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ANTS arranges Work Experience placements for students. These placements help you consolidate your learning, gain valuable work place hours and in many cases can assist you into direct employment.



Student Preparation for Work Experience

Work experience will occur after the student has completed training and been assessed as competent in their qualification area. Work experience is different from clinical placement. Clinical placement also occurs in the workplace, but forms part of the learning and assessment process. Work experience will in most cases take place in the same facility in which you completed clinical placement, but it is now saying you are work ready and have the ability to work on your own. The facility now trusts you with your newly acquired skills, you can now put them into practice and really develop them and feel comfortable with them.

The work experience is very important for ANTS, it helps us validate what we do. We know that as long as facilities take our students not only for clinical placement, but also for additional work experience, then they are happy with the calibre of training and skill level you have achieved. Work experience is also important as it is the stepping stone into direct employment in many cases. We cannot guarantee an employment outcome, but we know our long standing relationships with many facilities, combined with the training you have received, will certainly go a long way toward that. We have many success stories and pride ourselves on giving you the best possible outcomes.

Student Responsibilities in Work Experience


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To help students understand the responsibilities in the workplace, a Student Code of Conduct is provided that indicates expected standards of behaviour in the workplace. Students who have committed a breach of discipline or who are assessed as presenting a significant risk to themselves or others during work experience may be prevented from undertaking or continuing work placement.

ANTS has a responsibility to protect members of the public, residents and other students from harm. If there is evidence that your behaviour or attitude could present a risk to yourself or other people in the workplace, you may not be allowed to participate in work experience

Although you may be qualified by the time you undertake work experience, remember you are new and still learning. You must not carry out duties other than those you are capable of or have been instructed to perform in you Duty Statement.

Remember, the facility is placing faith in you and you also represent ANTS and our reputation while conducting your work experience.