The ANTS Family!

Why choose ANTS?

  • ANTS was the first training organisation to train AIN’s.
  • We have our own Nursing Agency ‘Help On Wheels’ and the possibility for employment exists when you finish training.
  • We provide the least stress while gaining a professional qualification.
  • Rolling calendar, start your course any-time.
  • All work experience arrangements are made by ANTS.
  • Our courses are very affordable.
  • Passionate staff with current industry experience.
  • Innovative practical “hands on” approach.
  • Gain a number of qualifications cost effectively with RPL and Credit Transfer.
  • Training held in functioning nursing facilities with real situations.
  • Long standing positive reputation and many years of satisfied students.
  • Flexible payment plans.
  • High student success rate and employment assistance.
  • An Australia Career pathway for new migrants.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Extra Career Pathway assistance.
  • Guidance and counselling.
  • Increasing demand in industry for skilled staff and nursing assistant jobs.
  • Nursing is a great and rewarding career!
  • Our course gives the necessary experience and support required to gain employment.
  • We can provide verbal references for students.
  • We provide references for higher education e.g. RN or EN applications.

For an example of one of the main facilities we partner with and train in see Yagoona Nursing Home.