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How long does the course take?

Our course lengths vary between 6-12 months, but can be completed in less depending on your aptitude and dedication to the study load.

Can I get recognition of prior learning?

Yes, ANTS provides recognition services including RPL, RCC and Credit Transfer.

When I'm finished, can I continue studies?

We encourage all students to continue on their learning pathway. There are a number of Certificate IV, Diploma and Higher Education options available to you, including study toward Registered Nursing at University.

Will I get a certificate to show prospective employers?

All students that complete an ANTS course will receive certification. The certification will consist of a nationally recognised VET Certificate for full qualifications or a Statement of Attainment for partial qualifications or a Certificate of Completion for non accredited training such as workshops

If I don't want to continue the course after day 1 can I stop without paying?

The first day is a FREE trial day and all students may choose not to continue if it does not suit their needs.

Will I get experience in a ward?

Our innovative hands on style training is done on real wards as well as attending work experience.

Do many students pass your course?

We have professional industry experienced trainers who will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your competencies. It is rare that we cannot assist students to successfully complete.

Will I learn any first aid?

All students will need to complete a first aid course with ANTS as a component of our programs. In many cases it is a compulsory component of the courses.

What time should I arrive at my work experience site?

Arrive early and arrive ready. We recommend at least 15 minutes before your shift commences.

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