Assistant in Nursing (Certificate of Completion)

Students receive practical tuition to gain a Certificate of Completion for Assistant in Nursing (AIN), which is our premier non-accredited program. We also issue you with a transcript of all the subject and skills areas acquired. (This is quite a large amount, which impresses prospective employers).

Clinical Training

Clinical Observation Training

Students will be proficient in such areas as showering, sponging, toileting, pressure area care, feeding, manual handling (including use of lifting aids) and infection control. We encourage lifting, and teach the students the correct methods to do so to minimise personal injury. This is not all your job entails but it is an important part that needs to be taught first. You will also do things like accompany residents and patients on bus trips, sing and play with them, walk them in gardens, hold their hand when sick or upset, counsel them and their families and much more.
Being taught hands-on enables our students to be able to show off their skills at work experience, giving them a greater chance of employment.

The end result we hope will be:

• That our students are seen to have the skills to go into employment while studying toward a formal accredited program.
• Confident, competent students with a desire to care for our ageing and disabled community members.
• Raising of standards of nursing across the board through the provision of such personal ‘hands on’ training to students.
• Students are offered shifts to give them a chance to get their foot in the door of the most worthy of professions, Nursing!

Although the AIN training may give many students an employment outcome in its own right, the industry now demands a formal accredited certification at the Certificate III level and in most cases will require students to study CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support or HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance.

The AIN provides a perfect introduction into the industry and a platform to study further and gain some Recognition of Prior Learning from the skills you already have and the work experience you may already have.

Why wait nearly a year to be able to earn money?

By completing assessments, work experience and proving competency, this assists in gaining shifts a lot quicker than other training providers as you can show prospective employers you are well on your way to completing your qualification, yet have the practical abilities to join their team now !